Financial coaching focuses on your education, goal setting, personal growth and decision making process's so that you can master the skills required to succeed in life and in wealth creation.

Financial coaching is an in depth process that will help you discover and set your true life goals and map out the steps to achieve them. 

What is financial coaching?

How is it different to financial planning?

BGN Financial Management uses traditional financial planning to help our clients achieve their goals through the use of strategy and financial products such as investments, asset allocation and superannuation. Ordinarily, financial planning clients will meet with their advisor for a review once or twice per year.


Financial coaching is more in-depth.  Your coach will be in touch with you on a quarterly basis to help keep you on track to reach your goals.  You will have access to others in the community to share ideas and insights and you will focus on the everyday management of your money, not just the larger goals such as retirement. 

1: Setting goals and your personal wealth portal.


An initial program where you will be taken through a process of goal setting, cash flow and budget planning and if needed, some traditional financial advice.  We will set you up with a personal wealth portal, inc live data feeds (Pro package).  This is a place that brings together your financial world. It is a powerful tool and is included in our monthly fee.


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2: Ongoing support and encouragement


You will have a call with your coach once a quarter to keep you motivated and to celebrate the steps towards reaching your goals. We are your cheer squad and the ones that will ask you the hard questions that need to be asked. 


3: Motivation and accountability


With your coach, you will track your income and spending to keep you on track.  


4: Community


You will be able to chat with others in the coaching program, via our facebook group, to share ideas and inspiration.  We also hold special '' webinars for our coaching clients to educate and give them the edge they need. 

What would financial coaching mean to you?

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