educating and advising people today, to improve their tomorrow

Educating and advising people today, to improve their tomorrow

BGN Financial Management are Australia's premier financial advice, coaching and education specialists. 


Through financial management and lifestyle design we help our clients succeed and achieve their greatest goals and dreams. 


Our founder, Ben Graham-Nellor (, is passionate about helping 'everyday' people get ahead through careful planning, coaching and education. 


We meet with our clients at our offices in Melbourne's eastern suburbs or in our secure online meeting room. 


We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and dreams. 

“My husband and I are novices when it comes to super and investments so we were feeling fairly tentative when we first met with Ben, but as soon as we walked in the door he made us feel welcome and took the time walk us through all our questions and fears. Ben is super helpful and flexible with meeting times, supporting the time restrictions of full time workers, and is readily contactable. We feel very safe and assured that our savings are in good hands.”

Karina- Client of BGN Financial Management

Why financial advice?

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BGN Financial Management were asked to provide financial advice about the influence of the sale of a parental family home would have on entitlements, including both DVA and Aged Pensions. The written advice given was extremely comprehensive and made our decisions straight forward. We were very happy to resolve what we thought was a complicated family situation with such a straight forward document and personal explanation.

David and Lynne- Clients of BGN Financial Management

Protecting your financial position is the first step to any successful financial plan.


BGN Financial Management can help you determine the type and level of protection you need through the use of personal insurances and investment strategies to protect what you have, your ability to earn an income and your future investment possibilities.

Wouldn't it be great to not have to worry about your financial future?  

The second important step to a successful financial plan is securing your future.  


Everybody working in Australia has superannuation, by setting a plan now you can ensure that you make your superannuation work hard for you.  Aim high and make sure that at the end of your working life, you will live a comfortable retirement.  BGN Financial Management can help you plan and invest your superannuation to secure your retirement lifestyle.

What is it that you want to achieve? 


The advisors at BGN Financial Management love to work alongside clients who want to reach goals that others say cannot be reached.  Investing for the long term with a tailored savings and investment plan allows you to take advantage of all market cycles, up or down.  Your end goal is what's important; BGN Financial Management can help you reach it.

Eighteen months ago I decided to hang up my working career boots after 33 years.

I needed help to organising my financial affairs, It was too hard and frightening to think about the managing my superannuation , mortgage and overall day to day expenses in my life.

I approached my old friend whom he was a financial adviser and presently retired, he refer me to a guy called Ben Graham -Nellor from BGN Financial Management. 

I was initially concerned regarding choosing any  Financial institution?  reason costing and horrible stories I heard about those financial organisation.

But what I found was : Ben quickly put a pack together for me in a simple, understanding and fluent finance language for some one like me whom has got no knowledge of controlling her own finance. 

The results that I got were opposite my impression of financial Institution, Ben was a trusty, approachable and supportive.

I refer BGN Financial Management to some of my friends which they are very pleased with Ben's service as much as I am.

Also I highly recommend BGN Financial Management to everyone, I particularly liked their honesty, trustworthy, approachable and reasonable. 

Azar-Client of BGN Financial Management

“ I understand so little about our financial system in Australia that I was nervous about getting financial advice, because I felt like I wouldn’t know who to trust. Ben was so up front and transparent that I feel better immediately. I’m so grateful to be able to feel more confident in my financial future!”

Ash- Client of BGN Financial Management