Can you have a successful business and a successful family life?

Is it possible to have a successful business and a happy family?

Yep, it is.

There is a stereotype of a business person. Someone who spends all their time at work. Misses out on family events like School concerts or sporting events, all in the name of making more money or growing their business.

In fact, Hollywood has tapped into this with many movies about this very subject. Usually the protagonist has some kind or realisation and gives it all up for the kids/spouse etc.

Can’t we have both? Well, yes we can.

Let’s assess our values. Is family a priority for you? If so, then take that into account when building your business. Is making it home for dinner each night a goal? Then do it.

‘But Ben, I’m far to busy for that, I can’t leave work that early’

Most of the time when people say this it’s just not true.

Work emergencies might seem very real, the most real thing you can see, but many times, leaving in time for dinner doesn’t make one little bit of difference to getting your work done.

You will find that if you are happier, your productivity goes up and work gets done anyway.

Tired, stressed and lonely people are not efficient. When working with us, we first look at ‘life values’ this is deciding how you want to live and it is the cornerstone of your business planning. This is the place we start. We don’t try to figure this out once the business has already overrun our lives. Although, it’s never too late.

Is it possible to run a successful business and have a happy family life? It is and you should. It’s better for you, your family and your business.

Until next time

Ben G-N.

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