Self employed advisor need an extra level of support

If you didn’t know anything about the financial advice sector, except for what you read in the press, you would think it was made up of huge companies, gobbling up your money and taking you for everything you are worth. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Financial advice is predominantly made up of a range of small businesses ranging from single operators to medium sized offices with multiple advisors and support staff. Almost every single advisor is out there doing their best for their clients while facing the uncertainty if an ever changing legislative environment.

Whilst all advisors have to face this, being a self-employed advisor brings its own multi layered complexity. Not only do you face the problems faced by all advisors, but you also get to worry about increased licensee costs, rising ASIC levies and how to run a successful practice in the middle of a pandemic.

Over the years I have found Licensees to be great at supporting advisors to do better at their jobs. Keeping them complainant and supported to make sure that their core business, advice, is delivered in a smart and compliant way. But where do self-employed advisors find the support they need to grow their business? Some reach out to business coaches, who can sit down and set goals. Give a different perspective and problem solve to improve the business. This however costs a lot and every dollar counts.

I believe that this kind of support is missing, by and large, in the financial advice market.

That’s why at BGN Financial Management we have put together our advisory offer. Advisors that work with us are licensed through Centrepoint Alliance, and provided all the benefits of joining a large group (compliance, CPD etc) Then in addition to that we provide business support and coaching on a personal level. We offer the support that has been missing for most advisors growing a business. That’s why we say ‘we focus on you so you can focus on your clients’ And, in addition to that, our AR fees are very competitive (lower than most big licensees)

However, with this level of service, we can’t throw open the doors to anyone. We have limited space for advisors looking for a new and supportive home. In more ‘normal’ times (remember those?) We would love to catch up with you for a coffee, but these days why don’t we have a Zoom (We are all pretty good at those by now, aren’t we)?

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with me or check out for more information.

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