Smart.Happy.Money 18: 3 things your future self will thank you for.

Millennials, the generation that I belong to have a saying. ‘That's a future me issue'

It goes a little like this ‘I really should go to bed, I’ll be tired in the morning… oh well, that’s a future me issue‘ and ‘should I really buy this new jacket, what about my rent? Oh well, that’s a future me issue’ If you are a millennial you've probably said it, I know I have.

However, sometimes I worry that ‘future me’ is going to face a lot of problems.

There is something that you can do now to make ‘future you’ look back and say ‘past me was a genius’

So here is the list.

3 Things that future you will thank you for.

1: Setting a goal

Don't freak out, just set one. Maybe you already like to set goals. I go through a regular process of setting and adjusting goals in my life. That's fine but if you don't already do it your future self is asking you to just set one. Then your future self will get to feel the elation of reaching that goal and will be spurred on to set more.

What should your goal be? It’s up to you. It could be finance based such as saving $1000. Or fitness based like joining a gym. Goals are as personal as fingerprints. Start by setting just one, it doesn’t have to be hard, we are just trying to get momentum going and of course, we are trying to impress future you.

2: Audit your stuff

That’s right take an audit of your stuff and get rid of some. For some reason, we love to accumulate. All kinds of things, big and small, expensive and cheap. We accumulate, and rarely do we get rid of this stuff that clogs up our lives.

When your future self wakes-up and walks through your house or apartment without stubbing their toe or tripping over or even is just able to look around and see space, future you will think that current you is a legend.

You may even be able to sell a few things to reach one of your goals.

3: Do something for your ‘retired future self’

This may seem way off in the future but take a look at your retirement savings. How many super accounts do you have? How are they invested? Putting a few hours of effort in now to consolidate and correctly invest your super will pay off in the end. Your ‘retired future self’ could be hundreds of thousands of dollars better off because of the effort you put in today.

Future you is looking for things that you have done today to make their (your) life better. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of always thinking ‘that’s a future me issue’ in a few years you could think ‘past me made some great decisions, past me is awesome’.

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