It's good to be green.


Sustainable living is a hot topic. It is clear that our country is moving towards a “greener” lifestyle including changes such as low wattage light globes, recycled water, renewable energy and more.



Many people do not realize that there are sustainable options for their superannuation and investments too. Have you considered how “green” your superannuation and investments are?



It is possible that you have inadvertently invested funds into companies that participate in questionable business practices such as environmental damage, unfair or child labor and the manufacture of weaponry and other products you may find unethical.


Today there are many options to ensure that your superannuation/investment portfolio is invested according to your ethics.

BGN Financial Management endorses the use of Social Responsible Investing (SRI) as a wealth creation tool. Our experience can help you discover your ethical profile and can create for you an ethical superannuation/investment portfolio.



It’s your money; invest it according to your ethics.